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In this class we focus on the pairing of breath with movement to move in a slow, fluid and mindful way. This SLOW VINYASA style generally involves warming up with stretches and sun salutations before moving through a few playful sequences designed to build strength and agility. Perfect for those wanting a slower, more mindful pace and accessible to all levels of experience. Classes are 60 minutes unless specified, and practiced with the room heated to approx 28oC.





Our more dynamic VINYASA style class, emphasises the importance of breath, heat (tapas), self-enquiry, focus (drishti), and core stability. Whilst more advanced options are given to those students who are ready, we always make sure a beginning or injured student is well looked after with modifications. Classes are 60 minutes unless specified, and practiced with the room heated to approx 28oC to help open the body and promote detoxification.






A slow paced and mostly static practice, this GENTLE HATHA  YOGA class allows you to spend more time focusing on gentle movement of the body and gentle breath work. We take our time to wade through individual postures - standing and seated - using props for support and comfort. Ideal for those new to yoga, an aging body, or those with injury or physical limitations. Classes are 60 minutes and practiced at room temperature.

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Soak up the deliciousness in our YIN CLASS, where most of the poses are practiced on the floor and held for between two and five minutes giving you time to bathe in their healing and calming waters. Yin Yoga targets the connective tissue—in particular the fascia—and assists in releasing tension, improving range of motion and developing the ability to be still and surrender. Simple yet challenging, this class is deeply grounding. It will have you drifting out of the room on a tide of bliss. Classes vary from 60 to 75 minutes, and practiced with the room heated to approx 28oC.













Our DRIFT class combines our two passions; Slow Flow and Yin Yoga. Enjoy some slow gentle movement before drifting into yin postures where you'll be working with the five elements of chinese medicine. A highly relaxing and meditative class to sooth, relax and restore. 








Beneath the ocean's choppy surface is a world of calm and stillness. This is where meditation can take us. Our guided meditations provide a safe space to sit down and bear witness to whatever unfolds. Meditation can help bring us back to our centre, anchor ourselves in the present moment and create more mindfulness in our daily lives. Classes may include a combination of breath work, guided meditations, or Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep).

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