This gentle style of practice involves pairing breath with movement to move in a fluid and mindful way. Slow Flow generally involves warming up with stretches and sun salutations before moving through a few playful sequences designed to build strength and agility. Perfect for those wanting a slower, more mindful pace. Classes are 60 minutes unless specified, and practiced with just a touch of mellow heat (approx 27oC).


Our all-levels Vinyasa classes are suitable for both beginning and more advanced students. Each class emphasises the importance of breath, heat (tapas), self-enquiry, focus (drishti), and core stability. Usually commencing with some stretching and sun salutations, the class then moves into more playful sequencing to help build strength and flexibility. Whilst more advanced options are given to those students who are ready, we always make sure a beginning or injured student is well looked after with modifications given. Classes are 60 minutes unless specified, and practiced with the room heated to approx 32oC to help open the body and promote detoxification.


Drift through our Yin class, where most of the poses are practiced on the floor and held for between two and five minutes. Yin yoga targets the connective tissue—in particular the fascia—and assists in releasing tension, improving range of motion and developing the ability to be still and surrender. Simple yet challenging, this class is deeply grounding. It will have you drifting out of the room on a tide of bliss. Classes vary from 60 to 75 minutes, and practiced with the room at a comfortable 25-27oC.


A slower paced practice, this classical yoga class allows you to spend more time focusing on gentle movement of the body in connection with breath. This class is perfect for an aging body, those with injury, or those who have never done a yoga class before and would like to start slowly and with the basics. Classes are practiced with the room at a comfortable 25-27oC and the use of props is encouraged to help support the body. 

HOT 26

For those who prefer a more tropical climate, Hot 26 gives you the chance to really sweat while you practice. The static and set sequence (bikram methodology) of 26 postures and two breathing exercises, allows you to systematically work through the body, building strength and flexibility, while the heat enables you to move more freely and encourages the detoxification process. Suitable for absolute beginners and those recovering from injury, this is the perfect class to pair with a plunge in the nearby rock pools post-practice. Our Hot 26 class is traditionally 90 minutes long, however sometimes we offer an abbreviated 75 minute version. The room is heated to 39oC. Please bring water, a full size towel and preferably your own mat.


This class is based on the Ashtanga Primary Series and is a dynamic practice accessible to all. A student may not initially be able to do all the postures, but with practice and patience, the postures reveal themselves to us. The emphasis is on breath, alignment, drishti (focus) and the ability to hold the postures in stillness (but with a sense of ease) for five breaths. We keep the room to a moderate 25-27oC.


A fun, energising and empowering class to help shape, shift and strengthen. This 55-minute class is all about safely challenging yourself to help build core strength, improve muscle tone, increase your range of motion, build stamina and overall strength. Be prepared to sweat, smile and move to the groove.

Suitable for all levels of fitness. Beginners totally welcome. 

Room is heated to 34oC. Please bring water and a full size towel.


Beneath the ocean's choppy surface is a world of calmness and stillness. This is where meditation can take us. Our Meditation classes provide a safe space to sit down and bear witness to whatever unfolds. Meditation can help bring us back to our centre, anchor ourselves in the present moment and create more mindfulness in our daily lives. Classes may include a combination of breath work, guided meditations, or Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep).

Terms & Conditions

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  • Management reserves the right to cancel or change a class without notice.

  • Teachers are subject to change without notice.

  • Late entry will not be permitted – doors open 15 minutes prior to a class starting and late entry will not be allowed (front door will be locked to secure student’s belongings, etc).

  • OBY takes no responsibility for lost or stolen goods. Please leave all valuables at home. Any items left at the studio will be donated to good will after 7 days.

  • Bookings are essential and made online. Bookings close 10 minutes prior to class start time.

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