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  • Which classes are heated and why?
    Muscles and connective tissue solidify and harden when cold, and then soften and become more pliable when warm so, by adding heat, we make it easier and safer, for the body to move. The heat also helps improve circulation and cardiovascular strength, decreases inflammation, promotes weight loss, assists in lowering blood pressure and generally promotes the detoxification process by generating a good sweat. Additionally, when the core temperature of the body is marginally raised, it increases the T-Cell output, thereby improving the immune system. Some classes will have just enough heat to take the chill off the air (Wade and Dive). Our Flow and Float classes will sit at around 26oC and for a full detoxification and therapeutic class, take a Plunge into our Hot 26 class which is heated to approx 40oC. The heat in the hotter classes can initially be a little overwhelming – so remember to take it easy when you first start and make sure you arrive well hydrated. You’ll soon become acclimatised and eventually your body will crave the heat and you’ll ask us to pump up the volume!!
  • What is Far Infrared Heating?
    Far Infrared Rays (FIR) is radiant heat – invisible waves of energy that have the ability to be absorbed by humans and penetrate deeply into the body. It is the same feeling as the warmth we feel from the sun (without the harmful UV rays) and is the most basic form of heating known to man. FIR heat only marginally heats the air within the room. Rather, it heats objects – us and the room around us (timber, walls, floors, etc). Infrared is also non convective, meaning it does not create air flows that carry dust, pollen and allergens around. Convection heaters by their very nature (movement of warm air) do. It means our heating system is very clean, healing and nurturing.
  • What if I’ve never done yoga before?
    Never done yoga? Never tried meditation? Perfect. We love and welcome with open arms those coming to the mat for the very first time. Absolutely no experience is necessary for ANY of our classes. Don’t be shy. Don’t feel intimidated. Just come, try. We don’t DO yoga. We PRACTICE yoga. And there’s no pass or fail, good or bad. So it doesn’t matter what you look like, how inflexible you are, what size, colour or condition you’re in. On the mat, we’re all the same. We are all simply on a path to better awareness and realisation of Self.
  • What do I need to bring?
    BYO: open mind, kind heart, and a smile. Everything else you need is here and provided for. Yoga Classes We provide mats – but if you want to bring your own, please do – and we have a range of yoga props available for your use. If you are practicing the hot yoga styles (Plunge 26), we ask you to bring a full size towel to cover the mat (towels are mandatory when using the studio mats). Ensure you are wearing comfortable clothing that you can freely move in, and bring some water. Meditation Classes If you like using a meditation stool for our guided meditation classes, please feel free to bring this or anything else you might like to sit/kneel on (of course, you can use our bolsters and blankets for meditation). In winter, wear layers (sweat top and socks are nice) as the body temperature can drop as you settle into stillness.
  • What if I can’t keep up?
    That’s OK. It’s not a race and there is no finish line and no awards handed out to the best yogi of the day! Just do your best and pace yourself. If you feel at all uneasy, sit out a posture or two, or modify the pose to suit your ability and level. There’s no judgement on resting. In fact, resting is encouraged.
  • What if I’m pregnant, have a disability or injury?
    Please ensure you advise your teacher PRIOR to class if you are currently pregnant, undergoing IVF, just had a baby/breast feeding, or if you have any injuries or medical conditions we should be made aware of so appropriate modifications or alternative postures can be given. It's important to remember, yoga teachers are NOT medically trained and students should seek the advice or medical clearance from their physician if uncertain. As is the case with any physical activity, the risk of injury is always present and can not be fully eliminated. Students resume full responsibility for their participation in class/events held at the studio.
  • What do I need to do to prepare?
    Yoga and meditation is always best done on an empty stomach. This includes water so avoid sculling a bottle on your way to class. For the hot yoga classes, in fact, a good rule for life is, to ensure you always remain well hydrated. By the time you feel thirsty, the dehydration process has already begun and the damage is done. If you tend to err on the side of low blood pressure, perhaps a small piece of fruit prior to class to help give the sugar levels a lift. But avoid consuming large meals, alcohol and/or recreational drugs. Anyone suspected of having consumed alcohol or drugs will NOT be permitted into class.
  • What time do I need to arrive?
    Please ensure you arrive AT LEAST 5-10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. Doors open 15 minutes prior – and doors close (we lock the front door to secure student’s belongings) exactly on time. If you have not arrived 2 minutes prior to the scheduled class time, we reserve the right to release your booking to our waitlisted students.
  • How do I book?
    As the studio is limited to only 14 students (18 for meditation classes), bookings are ESSENTIAL. Book online NOW by clicking here. When making your first booking/purchase, you’ll be asked to create an account using your email address and a nominated password. You’ll also be asked to sign our online Liability Waiver. Once this is done, you can book into any class(es). To book a class, you must first purchase a pass (choose carefully, as we don’t provide exchanges or refunds). Credit card purchases are securely made through our payment processor, Stripe. All class bookings are subject to our cancellation policy. In the event of a no-show or a late cancellation (within 2 hours of the scheduled class time), you will forfeit the class/session. If you are on an unlimited pass (one month, six, twelve month, etc) you will be charged a no-show fee of $20 (charged to your credit card).
  • Do passes expire and can I share my pass with friends?
    As the nominated pass holder, you may share your pass and bring family members and friends with you. However, you MUST be in attendance. Passes do expire so please read carefully the terms prior to purchasing. No refunds or extensions will be granted so please, prior to purchasing, note the expiration dates and conditions of sales. Students under the age of 16, MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Is there parking available?
    Ample street parking is available. However, on a hot summers beach day, allow time to find a spot (you can always park at the Sorrento Back Beach Car Park and walk back up to the studio). Please do NOT park within the Oceanic Apartment complex unless you are staying on site. Unauthorised vehicles will be towed.
  • Is there accessible entry and facilities?
    We have one Accessible Car Park onsite and fully accessible ramp leading directly to our front door (enter via Oceanic Apartments main driveway and the accessible car park is IMMEDIATELY on your left). To ensure its availability, please contact the studio prior to arrival. The practice studio is located on the first floor only accessible via a staircase. For students with special needs, private yoga sessions can be arranged in the downstairs area. The studio is also equipped with one unisex LH accessible WC.
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